COVID-19 – How Email Marketing Can Help in Dealing With the Consequences

There is no question that Email Marketing is a direct and measurable medium of Digital Marketing, which allows individuals and organizations to establish and maintain connections with their customers, especially in times of a crisis such as the COVID-19 outbreak. However, Email Marketing can help businesses and their customers to deal with the COVID-19 Aftermath in many ways!
Therefore, the following can be highlighted as effective ways for businesses to endorse support and services for their customers via Email Marketing.
  1. Promote E-Commerce Alternatives – Remind your customers that there are ways to deliver goods and services from your online shop. This is a very productive alternative to make revenue while you are temporally closed at your business location.
  2. Maintain Transparency -Tell people how your business will deal with the situation. Send them Emails including details on how your company is preparing to handle this situation and how you will continue to support your customers as well as your employees.
  3. Offer Services Remotely – While you are temporally closed at your business location, stay connected with your customers by sending an Email campaign offering services online. For example, a professional fitness establishment or a local gym sending video links with their daily workout routines may keep their customers fit and keep them connected with the business.
  4. Communicate Changes – Notify your customers via Emails about changing business hours, cancellation or postponing of scheduled events and termination of services or support due to the current situation in the country.

With such approaches, businesses can benefit in improving their customer base as well as boost sales seeing a silver lining at the far end of this dark cloud. Finally, as a leading Email Marketing service provider in Sri Lanka, we at PromoBox are always concerned about your well being and wish to assist you with our services to bridge you and your customers in this difficult time of need.


  1. Nevindee Amarasinghe

    Timely needed and very well written.
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